Stop dimming your light
& be true to your unique souls  purpose

Hi, I am Susanna

I’m a successful serial entrepreneur,
wisdom leader, pioneer & sacred sex teacher

with a mission to guide humans to reclaim their power, and live true to their unique purpose. While contributing to a positive change in the world.

I was born with a desire to impact and innovate…

  • I have been a pioneer in the global holistic sexual healing and empowerment community.
  • I have successfully opened and expanded Europe’s first Dearmouring school. Through which I’ve trained over 300+ practitioners over the years.
  • I have a long experience being an entrepreneur – I built my first business in 1997 at 17. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve made multiple 7-figures in revenue.
  • I’m often invited onto international stages to share my expertise on conscious leadership, sexuality, business, and profound personal transformation.

Basically, I’m a geek when it comes to human potential and personal development.

I’m committed to supporting visionaries and motivators to grow into their next-level embodied versions as influential leaders and change-makers.

I have trained thousands of practitioners and individuals worldwide through my own programs and events.

My mission is to guide individuals to find their power through sensuality blended with spirituality and business development so that impactful people like you can access their full power.

Result? Growing your financial abundance doing what you came here to do… Living true to your values and standards

Reading about my accomplishments…

You might look at me and see a powerful and confident woman.

But life hasn’t always been this way.

I used to be timid, awkward, and self-destructive.

At the beginning of my business journey, I felt so unworthy that I would self-sabotage by frequently postponing sessions and canceling my clients (not my proudest moments!).

Further, my personal journey has not been a bed of roses… I was born unwanted, raised as a Jehovah’s witness, sexually abused, and bullied in school for being ugly.

Growing up, I HATED myself, had no self-esteem, and was constantly people-pleasing. My coping strategies were hard drugs, bulimia, and co-dependency.

My parents were embarrassed by my “impurity” and tried sending me to boarding school “to fix me”. I refused. I knew in my heart that there was more to life than what the traditional society served, and by the age of 17, I left school and was determined to forge my own path. Thus, I went on a spiritual journey toward healing and my heart’s calling.

During the last 20+ years, I have traveled to over 54 countries to teach and learn from the most integrated gurus, shamans, and masters. I have walked many paths on my inner journey toward wholeness, authenticity, and wisdom. I have been through the dark and the light, the ups and downs.

My own healing journey serves as a source of compassion and is well integrated into my work. I believe in and stand up for embodied wisdom – we never really know something until we have experienced it.

My spiritual practices are still essential to me and integral to my business – I believe they are necessary to include in business development. Spirituality helps us feel supported by something bigger than ourselves.

For the past 15 years, I’ve served as a sexual healer, teacher, mentor, and therapist. Unfortunately, I’ve met too many women and men buying into the toxic belief that they’re not worthy. Thus, they undercharge, they hide, and they self-sabotage. It’s not sustainable – individuals need to reclaim their sovereignty. So, with that as motivation, I created this business.

Client Testimonials

My merits

I have vast experience working with human transformation – it’s my passion.

Further, I’m also a lifelong student and never consider myself “done” with working on my own personal development. I’m committed to doing my inner work to become an even better coach and mentor for others – I’m here to do the work right beside you!

Throughout the years, I’ve been all over the globe and both facilitated trainings and participated as a student. Below you can read more about some of my experiences.

  • 2023 – Ongoing: Running an ever-expanding platform helping individuals to deepen and experience human expression and expanding their business life.
  • 2012 – Ongoing: Empowered and inspired countless of people worldwide through festivals, workshops, trainings & 1:1s.
  • 2006 – Ongoing: Mediumship training and private mentorship, Geir Wollman
  • 2005 – Ongoing: My own psychotherapy and self-mastery work
  • 2023: Training, Neurochange solutions, Dr Joe Dispenza [London, Uk]
  • 2022: Participated in Joe Dispenza convention [London, UK].
  • 2022: Speaker at Global Women Summit [London, UK].
  • 2021 – 2022: Trained conscious women to earn €10k (and more) in 30 days (or less), and how to grow meaningful businesses and do good in the world.
  • 2016 – 2022: Built two 6-figure companies.
  • 2016 – 2022: Trained 400 therapists and transmitted to 800 participants the artform of Dearmouring, Empowerment, and Sexual Healing.
  • 2022: Certified ICF coach @ Evolvia.
  • 2022: Certified Corporate Master Trainer @ Power Her Success.
  • 2021: Took part in Business Development – High-End 7-figure Coaching.
  • 2021 – 2022: Created SoulSuccess – Power, Pleasure, Profit business coaching program for visionary women [Online]
  • 2020: Created Neurotransformative Breathwork Facilitator Training
  • 2019: Held Dearmouring training x 2
  • 2019: Took part in 2-year high-end business development & coaching program
  • 2018: Held Dearmouring training
  • 2018: 8 weeks of training in Ayahuasca, herbal medicine & traditional shamanism [Peru]
  • 2017: Whale shark, animal communication & awakening retreat [Africa]
  • 2017: Held Deamouring training
  • 2017: 6 weeks of co-teaching and assisting Bruce Lyon at Temple Training [New Zealand]
  • 2017: Vipassana [Ödeshög, Sweden]
  • 2017: Founded Neurotransformative Breathwork
  • 2017: Trained with Umaa Inder – Laya Yoga, Classical Tantra & Radical Spirituality [Sweden]
  • 2017: Facilitated Tantra & Non-Duality Training [Khajuraho, India]
  • 2017: ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) L2 & L3 [Guatemala]
  • 2017: Co-teached with Bruce Lyon [Khajuraho, India]
  • 2017: Curandera traditional shamanic training. Lived 3 months in Amazonas working with traditional plant medicines [Peru]
  • 2000 – 2017: Sat 140 Ayahuasca ceremonies, helping me with becoming a better facilitator and dive deep into human potential
  • 2016: Trained Satsang with John De Ruiter [Israel]
  • 2016: Trained “Female Conscious Sexuality” with Nityama [UK]
  • 2016: Trained “Sexual Energy Training” with Sasha Cobra [Denmark]
  • 2016: Co-Founded Dearmouring Arts School
  • 2015: Trained “Touching like a Pro & Wheel of Consent” with Betty Martin [Sweden]
  • 2015: 140 hours of hypnosis training at Darchini and Eklund [Sweden]
  • 2015: Participation in scientific studies of tantric energy medicine @ Technical University of Denmark
  • 2015: Trained Tantric Dearmoring, with Andrew Barnes and Bhairhava Yoga [Poland]
  • 2015: Trained “The art of Tantric touch”, with Andrew Barnes and Bhairhava Yoga [Berlin]
  • 2014: Trained “Laya Yoga and Radical Spirituality” with Uma Indra [Bali]
  • 2014: Trained Mystical Dance Teacher [Koh Phangan, Thailand]
  • 2013: Organizer of “Awaken the Sensual Body” with Matthias Schwenteck and Leanne Edwards
  • 2013: Amazonian traditional shamanism training and practice, 6 months [The Amazon, Peru]
  • 2012: Trained Shamanic Dearmouring with Åsa Kullberg [Sweden]
  • 2012: Vipassana [Ödeshög, Sweden]
  • 2011: 50 hours of “Private Dakini & Sexual Healing Training” with Matthias Schwenteck [Sweden & Germany]
  • 2011: Took part in The New Tantra (TNT) levels 1, 2 and 5 [Sweden]
  • 2010: Amazonian traditional shamanism training and practice, 3 months [The Amazon, Peru]
  • 2010 – 2012: Volunteer Manager for more than 100 volunteers on festivals with 800 people & community [Ängsbacka, Sweden]
  • 2009: ÄLI – Ängsbacka Leadership Intensive Training [Ängsbacka, Sweden]
  • 2008 – 2019: Workshop leader, Ängsbacka Tantrafestival & No Mind Festival [Ängsbacka, Sweden]
  • 2008: Took part in Access Consciousness training 1, 2 and 3 [Sweden & Denmark]
  • 2008: Took part in Chakra Balancing Training [Arambol, India]
  • 2008: Reiki Master Initiation [Bagsu, India]
  • 2008: Primal Training [Mullingstorp, Sweden]
  • 2008: Meditation Program, Osho Center [Puna, India]
  • 2007: Amazonian traditional shamanism training and practice 6 months [The Amazon, Peru]
  • 2006: Vipassana two times [Ödeshög, Sweden]
  • 2006: Facilitated Yoga teacher and massage therapist training [Biskops Arnö, Sweden]
  • 2006: Took part in “Munay Ki”, with Jeanette Ekdahl [Stockholm, Sweden]
  • 2005 – 2007: Studied natural medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda [Biskops Arnö, Sweden]
  • 2004: Took part in “Hatha Yoga Teacher Training”, School of Self Knowledge [Tiruvannamalai, India]
  • 2004: Reiki II [Gothenburg, Sweden]
  • 2003: Took part in “Massage therapist training”, College of Complementary Medicine (KHM) [Sweden]
  • 2003–2011: Healing and massage therapist [Worldwide]
  • 2000–2003: Dj and event organizer [Sweden & Denmark]
  • 1999: Reiki I [Gothenburg, Sweden]
  • 1999: Maharishi Ayurveda, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Transcendental Meditation initiation [Rorvig, Denmark]
  • 1997: Started my first small business [Starco, Bali]

The biggest gift you can give to the world is to live true to your soul's purpose!

MY  vision

Looking at society as it is today, I believe we’re on the edge of evolution.

We have outdated systems and structures that don’t support the human mind, body, and soul. As a result, mental illness & depression is rising, and more and more people are getting burnt out. I think it’s pretty evident that something needs to change…

I envision a paradigm shift with a new economic system, where individuals live true to their purpose and contribute to a positive impact in society while making an excellent sustainable living from it!

For this change to happen, I see a demand for more heart-led and empowered individuals in the business world. We need feminine women who aren’t bound to outdated expectations of them: trying to lead as men and repressing their femininity. We need men who lead from their hearts rather than their ego. Men who are connected with integrity and their masculine power. Men who understand that being emotionally intelligent as a leader is as important as being logically intelligent.

To get there, I’m confident that we, as a society, need to rewrite our relationship with sexuality, money, and power. From my experience, I’ve seen how these all go hand in hand. However, sexuality is often seen as taboo and alienated – something we shouldn’t discuss or consciously explore. Which makes me upset! Sexuality, in its raw form, is energy. It’s something beautiful, a source of creativity, and a helpful force for thriving relationships. The rest is nothing but a manufactured idea and distortion.

Let’s embody the new era of leadership together!

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