Basic Dearmouring Training is an intensive, 11-day journey into the art of body dearmouring and sexual healing.

12-21 September 2022


  • Theory of dearmouring: Hardcore knowledge that gives you a thorough introduction to all the essential aspects.
  • A safe and responsible way of dearmouring the whole body: Including external dearmouring techniques and internal body dearmouring techniques (for the lingam, yoni, cervix, anus, and throat).
  • Body reading: How to read your client’s body like an open book and recognise what it is saying as a guide to where and how to work with your client.
  • How to invite the body to open deeply: A way of working where instead of using force to push through the armour you simply invite the body to open and follow its impulses until it takes you effortlessly down to its depth, where full release can occur.
  • Pressure points: Where to touch, and how and why to facilitate opening and the healing process.
  • Energy work: How to activate the energy in the body and use it within the session.
  • TRE® tension and trauma release exercises: A powerful and effective tool for self-dearmouring, healing trauma, balancing the nervous system, releasing chronic tension, and harmonising the psoas muscle.
  • Session space setting: How to create a safe, emotionally and spiritually connected energy container within which you offer your sessions.
  • Wheel of Consent: How to touch, take, and receive in alignment with integrity and heart. Become aware of when you and others are acting out of shadows or hidden agendas, and how to transform this into light and transparency. A highly beneficial tool for all interpersonal relating — professional or personal.
  • Ethics and responsibilities: Getting you to fully understand the depth of responsibility you take on in doing dearmouring work; teaching you essential procedures and practices to make sure your sessions are safe and effective on all levels.
  • Empowerment techniques: How to support yourself and others in taking full responsibility for your experiences in life.
  • Space holding: How to be an effective space holder – demonstrations and practice in developing those skills.
  • Sensual massage: How to touch the body in a sensuous way, as this is an essential part of every dearmouring.
  • Raising sexual energy: How to arouse a body into ecstatic pleasure; learning erogenous zones and specific points externally and internally.
  • Reparenting: The theory of reparenting: what are mama/papa issues, recognising early childhood patterns and how to work with them.
Basic Dearmouring Training is an intensive, 11-day journey into the art of body dearmouring and sexual healing. During this training, you will be equipped with knowledge and hands-on practice in releasing emotional and energetic traumas, tensions, blockages, and pain from the body in a healthy, loving, and safe way.

It is also a deep personal journey that helps you not only understand but experience – in your own body – the freedom, energy, joy, and aliveness that being dearmoured creates. Whether you come to this course for you own personal development or to begin your training to become a practitioner, you will learn a great deal about your own blockages and traumas. Basic Training is the door to becoming a more aware, fully present, and compassionate being, and is an essential step to becoming a dearmouring professional; dearmouring yourself is requisite to being equipped to dearmour others.

This course combines theory, demonstrations, and an abundance of hands-on practice in energy work, body reading, trigger points, tension and trauma release, external and internal dearmouring (yoni, lingam, anus, and throat), and self-dearmouring or tension and trauma release. You’ll also learn a variety of soft skills; for example, working from the heart space, breath work, space holding, and how to process your own traumas.


The nature of dearmouring is such that learning it requires participants to receive a number of sessions, to practise on others, and to study and learn the theory, making this course an intense experience, with the feel of both training and workshop.


  • Clearing the blueprint and residues of trauma
  • Resolution of relationship issues
  • Mental and emotional stress reduction
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Skills in conscious communication
  • Empowerment and ownership of your life
  • Becoming clear with your boundaries
  • Increased self-love
  • Energetic activation
  • Increased quality of life
  • Regaining or gaining ability for self-pleasure and orgasm
  • Increased sensitivity and release of trauma and tension stored in the genitals
  • Increased erectile functionality
  • Increased vaginal sensitivity
  • Arousal and easy flow of sexual energy
  • Learning to give and receive pleasure
  • Relief from tensions in the body
  • Recovering sexual pleasure after childbirth, surgery, or trauma
  • Acceptance and love for your body
  • Healed addictions to porn and sex
  • Trigger point massage (external dearmouring)
  • Finding your purpose in life

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