Purpose,  pleasure & Profit

Online Live 3 day Webinar 
29-31 March 2023

For the visionary woman ready to steap intp her greatness
& live true to her higher life’s purpose


Gorgeous Woman,

Are You ready?

It’s time to step into your greatness, live true to your higher purpose, serve more and accelerate your conscious business by embodying your unique feminine power.

In this webinar, you´ll get a sneak peak of how to deeply connect to your unique purpose and to stand in your feminine, sensual power (and turn on your pleasure potential). While leaving you belitteling thoughts behind.

You will get inspired to take action, move forward and uplevel your game. It’s easier than you think. You will get motivated & kick-started,  I’ll give you the best tricks I’ve collected during my 15+ years as a facilitator.

The result

You, living the extraordinary life you were meant for!

Are you letting your

soul’s purpose go to waste?

You probably are, if your current reality looks anything like this… 

You KNOW you have so much to offer, but you continue to hold back and keep it to yourself. Because of distorted thoughts like:
  • “I am not good enough”
  • ” Who am I to share this with the world? “
  • ” Fear of outshining others”
  • ” I am not ready”
  • “What will other think?”
  • ” what if I fail? “
You have big dreams for your life, but you constantly self-sabotage and procrastinate: you’re stuck and fail to take action.
  • In all honesty, you are fully aware of your self-limiting patterns, but you feel powerless to stop them from dictating your life.
You constantly feel OVERWHELMED and STRESSED out.
  • You’re in your “doing”-state (both in your business and your life), and you’re DRAINED and don’t know how to receive in life (hint: this is because you’re not fully in alignment with your feminine essence.
You’re TERRIFIED of truly being seen in your power, but at the same time: that’s what you crave the most.
  • You’ve had ENOUGH of dimming your light not to outshine others.
You serve others with all your heart and celebrate their success.
  • However, it’s to the point where you put their success above your own (hint: that level of self-abandonment is not sustainable!) 
You’re TIRED of not earning money you know you’re capable of
  • You long to earn more to add a silver lining to your life.

If you recognize yourself in these statements, it’s time to take action!

You have so much to give, and you know it.

And if you think you need to “have it all figured out” before you get started… 

Let me give you a  truth bomb 

You will never have it all figured out!

That idea just stops you from actually doing what you’re meant to do.

So if you're ready to level up,
charge what you're worth,
and do it all with pleasure & ease,

then this is the program for you!

Normal cost 597€   Today 47 €

Linda Maasara

Quantum Leadership Coach & NTB Trainer Sweden

From confused & uncertain her path with a poor money mindset to earning €24 000 in just 12-weeks.

When I first met Susanna I was confused, in money fear and I thought I needed to sell my house. And now, only 10 weeks later, I live my dream and only the sky is the limit.

I have earned €24.000! Thats crazy when I think about it! I am so incredibly grateful for her support – it has meant everything to me!

The Gateway

to an increasingly rich, high-impact life is being deeply connected to your  unique mission, knowing your true value & standing in your feminine, sensual power.

What does it look like?

  • You have ignited the sensual, powerful, and confident woman inside and finally, claim your seat at the high achiever’s table where you know you truly belong.
  • You are confident and not afraid to speak your truth and mind.
  • You feel lit up from the inside and passionate about your life experiencing all the joy, excitement, and fulfillment that living in alignment with your purpose gives you.
  • You set your desired pay rate, and people happily pay it.
  • You have proven business processes, systems, and structures to rely on.
  • You’re seen as someone people want to follow, learn from, and work with.

If reading this makes your heart pump a little faster & your womb speak.

Then, enter...

Power, Pleasure & Prosperity

Normal cost 597€   Today 47 €

This training is the blueprint for
Visionary Conscious Women
who want more
Purpose, Pleasure & Profit
in their lives.

This isn’t about learning some complicated strategies that take months or years before they bring a positive impact to your clients and the world at large.

This is about awakening and activating your inner feminine power and creative energy to electrify and infuse every area of your life with an aura of confidence and magnetism.

It’s about understanding the main hands-on business practices needed for you to have a successful business (it’s easier than you think – I’ll give you all my best tricks!).

So instead of trying to impose external ideas and processes, which always feel three sizes too small (and painful), you will discover how to awaken the direct experience of your worth and magnitude from the inside.

the Result

  • You’re being paid for being you, doing what you love, and charging what you’re worth (and getting clients ready to pay for it!)
  • You’re attracting amazing opportunities that open powerful new doors.
  • You’re magnetizing true soulmate clients who are determined to work with you.
  • You’re connecting with your higher life purpose and live true to your soul’s mission.
  • You’re having a clear structure and blueprint for creating a sustainable business and income.
  • You’re leading your life from your feminine essence, meaning that you will be part of the new era of feminine leadership (something that’s highly needed in the world right now).

In short

We're going to reverse what you thought you had to do to be successful & apply the true secrets to experience an elevated level of achievement quickly

You will  learn


  • Get over your visibility fears
  • Stop giving your power away
  • Become free, confident and speak your truth
  • Release the belittling people-pleaser behavior, along with shame and guilt
  • Stop procrastination and wave goodbye to self-sabotage
  • Explore your true soul purpose


  • Discover how to ignite pleasure at any moment to become radiant and joyful
  • Lead with sensuality and stop stressing
  • Learn the feminine way of magnetizing a room with your presence
  • Ignite the right mindset to increase your resources


  • Drop the money-karma-drama and invite money to flow into your life!
  • Let go of the poverty mindset for good, and understand that money is just energy
  • Learn how to raise your prices – the feminine way…
  • Value yourself and your services – like a true queen

Normal cost 597€   Today 47 €

This is for you who:

  • Are a therapist, coach, facilitator, or guide with an already existing business that you're ready to take to the next level

  • Are a visionary with a business idea that you want to crystalize and take action on

  • Knows in your heart that you are a pioneer, a game changer, and a leader of tomorrow and are ready for more

  • Have done personal/spiritual inner work and are ready to elevate your life

  • Are tired of playing small and are ready to shine and stand in your power and truth

  • Desires to grow into your power and greatness and want to earn what you're worth

  • Who desires to make a sustainable income doing what you love while serving goodness in the world

  • Who wants to learn easy business practices that work and will help you scale your business

This is not for you who:

  • Doesn't wish to offer your unique gifts, services, and talents to the world

  • Are more committed to your fears than your greatness

  • Don't want to invest in your personal and professional development

  • Are a complete beginner in business and don't have your business idea yet

From stressed out mom with little time for self-care & self-promotion to empowered creatrix, with 100% roi in just 10 days.

Susanna is a genius in inspiring, kick-starting and teaching with love and humor. Her way of leading makes me feel seen. Now, I am much more confident.

I have increased my income and can relax more while having more time for my precious daughter, self care and on top – create the business & life that I want!

Louise von Bahr

Embodiment Expert Sweden

Beautiful Woman, the time is now, and I mean it!

Never has it been a more potent time for us women to rise into healthy power through our feminine magnetism, pleasure, and intuition.

We’re formed to live in a society based on masculine principles, which devastates the feminine essence in relationships, sexuality, and business.

This program is a reset of your femininity. It is for integrated, intelligent women who want to claim their full potential, own their sexual power, and live true to their dreams – while being a part of the modern world.

I’m thrilled to welcome you to this space, where I’ll share the most potent, practical, and cutting-edge tools for your delicious feminine awakening and business practices. 

When you awaken “her”, you will also understand how to polarize men in relationships, attract opportunities and live more aligned with your true nature and, therefore, joy!

Ignite your true Feminine Power

Hi, I am Susanna

(Formerly known as Sanna Sanita)

I’m a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a sacred sex teacher obsessed with helping humans embody their full potential.

I’ve been working in personal development, sacred sexuality, and conscious business for the past 20 years, and I have met so many inspirational individuals in my work.

Many of these individuals have been women who are extremely successful in their field of business. Ranging from soulpreneurs, lawyers, high-end consultants, and tech start-up founders. They are slaying in their work, but are immensely tired, and have a nagging feeling that something is missing in their lives.

It’s like they are living their lives inside a box that is too small for them. They dream of something bigger but don’t know where to start and how to build a new life for themselves.

I have noticed that a vast majority of these women are disconnected from the intuitive wisdom of their bodies and their sexuality. This is devastating since women’s true power lies in the innate nature of our beings.

With my vast experience in sacred sexuality, I’m confident that helping women connect with the power of their sexuality is an important missing piece to the puzzle in female empowerment.

By doing that work, women connect to their essence and a fearless and fierce part of themselves that many have neglected due to the “good girl programming” in this world. Which has caused many women to be people pleasers instead of standing in their primal power.

I feel so much gratitude for stumbling upon such an inspiring and authentic being. You have inspired me so much on my sexual awakening path. You are magic sister, love & sparkles!


Susanna: speak of a woman who can summon divine energies to transform every opportunity into a sublime state.


Pure, innocent, truth, love, and depth! This is very therapeutic for me, Susanna. I'm so grateful for you and your way! Your essence of LOVE, TRUTH, BEAUTY, and shining so brightly! I love you, thank you!


The first step to elevating your life is taking action

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Join this interactive Live Webinar 

A 3-day online intensive for smart, conscious women who want to harness their sensual energy and create a life and business they adore.

29-31st March
19-21 CET

Normal cost 597€ Now 47 €

Incl. Recording 97€