Radical shifts

How to shift your limiting beliefs & tap into your higher life’s purpose

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27 February 2023


Gorgeous, it is time to:

Turn passion into purpose

Learn Pleasure into power

Extend Greatness into Dharma

Make a Profit From your Impact

A lot of women say they want to be successful…

But do you really allow ourself to be?

Owning our power & success can be challenging.

That’s because we’ve created a (subconscious!) belief about our own value. 

Once we outgrow those old limiting beliefs, our system can start to choke…

It is time to Step into your greatness!

you are meant for more

shift you limiting beliefs

The most powerful thing you can do is to: own your greatness, your gift and bring out your unique service.

THIS: It’s the quickest way to create anything you desire!!

From there on you will be well equipped to turn any situation into power & purpose and attract the things you want (including money).

Creating wealth is first and foremost an inner game and that you simply gotta: shift your mindset.

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  • How to shift any situation into GOLD
  • What it takes to own your power & purpose
  • Why it can be SCARY to have success & why we fail ourselves
  • HOW TO step into your greatness

I will motivate you to do things you have never done,
so you can get results you have always wanted &
live the life you have only imagined...

Radically shift your self sabotaging patterns into Power

Hi, I am Susanna

(Formerly known as Sanna Sanita)

I’m a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a sacred sex teacher obsessed with helping humans embody their full potential.

I’ve been working in personal development, sacred sexuality, and conscious business for the past 20 years, and I have met so many inspirational individuals in my work.

Many of these individuals have been women who are extremely successful in their field of business. Ranging from soulpreneurs, lawyers, high-end consultants, and tech start-up founders. They are slaying in their work, but are immensely tired, and have a nagging feeling that something is missing in their lives.

It’s like they are living their lives inside a box that is too small for them. They dream of something bigger but don’t know where to start and how to build a new life for themselves.

I have noticed that a vast majority of these women are disconnected from the intuitive wisdom of their bodies and their sexuality. This is devastating since women’s true power lies in the innate nature of our beings.

With my vast experience in sacred sexuality, I’m confident that helping women connect with the power of their sexuality is an important missing piece to the puzzle in female empowerment.

By doing that work, women connect to their essence and a fearless and fierce part of themselves that many have neglected due to the “good girl programming” in this world. Which has caused many women to be people pleasers instead of standing in their primal power.

I feel so much gratitude for stumbling upon such an inspiring and authentic being. You have inspired me so much on my sexual awakening path. You are magic sister, love & sparkles!


Susanna: speak of a woman who can summon divine energies to transform every opportunity into a sublime state.


Pure, innocent, truth, love, and depth! This is very therapeutic for me, Susanna. I'm so grateful for you and your way! Your essence of LOVE, TRUTH, BEAUTY, and shining so brightly! I love you, thank you!


The first step to elevating your life is taking action

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