Dearmouring Immersion: Women's Sexuality & Greatness

27/11 – 3/12, 2023


Feminine power, sexuality & magnetism

Gorgeous Woman,

Welcome to Dearmouring Immersion:
Women’s Sexuality & Greatness!

This immersion invites you to a deep dive into your sexuality, greatness, and different aspects of your femininity. You will explore multiple ways of embodying your feminine power, sexuality, and magnetism. 

You will liberate your body and stagnant emotions, which will help you to move forward and live your best life. Afterward, you will be filled with sensuality, aliveness, and joy. 

We will combine the best of two worlds:

  • Profound healing work through dearmouring and;
  • Cutting-edge, science-based practices of feminine self-mastery and sexuality

You will practice the epic method of body dearmouring. Both to heal and release emotional stagnation and old pain tapes, as well as to support yourself to step into your  greatness and personal power.

You will take part in several feminine embodiment practices, to help you connect somatically with your body and its wisdom.

Unfortunately, many of us are looping around in survival mode, instead of getting into thriving mode. Meaning that “smallness” and the “What is wrong with me?” question gets the most attention in one’s life.

I know that releasing old pain is complex. But I firmly believe that many people get too attached to their old pain, and use it as a comfort blanket to cling on to old destructive patterns.

With this immersion, you will release old stagnant emotions and blocks in your body. Then, you will be invited to focus on embodying your potential, rather than holding on to your suffering. I will encourage you to stand in your power, and your greatness and to shine your light.

I believe it’s even more vulnerable and challenging to do that, than talking about our trauma, because many of us are afraid of success and outshining others. So, instead, we play small and stay in the “suffering loop”.

Which is devastating, because to be in deep connection with our power and higher life purpose is the fundamental piece to happiness!

In this immersion, you’ll come in contact with your body’s capacity for pleasure, your mind’s need for purpose, and your soul’s need for meaning – so you can live your best life.

  • This is for you who are tired of playing small and are ready to shine and speak your truth. 
  • You know in your heart that you have more to offer in this life. 
  • You want to stand in your full power and own the rooms you walk into with your presence and oozing confidence. 
  • You want to feel lit up from the inside and passionate about your life experiencing all the joy, excitement, and fulfillment that living in pleasure and alignment with your soul purpose gives you.

You deserve to embody your full potential!

There’s so much to explore within the field of women’s sexuality, greatness and leadership.

You will learn profound methods to support your (and others’) growth and transformation.

There will be a combination of physical and emotional healing and a focus on pleasure, power, and purpose to help you step into thriving and living from your highest potential.

After the training, you will be filled with energy and have a new relationship with your body and its sensuality. You will know how to ignite pleasure at any moment to become radiant and joyful – you’ll have gone through a reboot of your system!

Further, you will receive a certification of attendance. For those of you who are body workers, healers or coaches etc already, you can start offering sexual empowerment sessions for women (depending on your level of previous experience). 

Note! This is an immersion for women only

How you might feel today: 

  • Disconnected from your sexual energy, aliveness and pleasure
  • Stressed and burnt out with a to-do list that never ends
  • Not in touch with your true desires and life purpose
  • Engaging in self sabotaging behavior
  • Being a people pleaser, taking care of others’ needs instead of your own
  • Stiff and blocked in your body
  • A nagging restlessness and burning hunger inside for something else in life
  • Terrified of truly being seen in your power, but at the same time: that’s what you crave the most

How you’ll feel after the immersion:

  • Awake and alive
  • In contact with your feminine energy (and start to embody it on a daily basis)
  • In contact with your sexuality and sensuality
  • Filled with sparkling life force energy
  • Feel confident and aligned with your inner self
  • Connected with your inner feminine power
  • Connected with your body and its wisdom
  • Connected with your playful self and get the energy flowing again (instead of the stiffness)

You will learn:

  • The benefits of dearmouring for emotional release, and to open the body into more freedom, vitality and joy
  • Yoni self dearmouring & G-spot activation
  • Activate your feminine pleasure potential through expanding your body’s capacity to go into sexual arousal
  • Women’s anatomy of arousal (you will never be bored in bed ever again)
  • Yin vs. Yang sexuality – the key to a upgraded love life & sexuality
  • Step into your power and release the fear of outshining others
  • Master communication so you can transmit your true and authentic voice
  • Increase your feminine magnetism
  • Explore your higher life purpose

… And much more!

Who is it for?

  • Women desiring to learn profound self mastery tools (e.g. boundaries, self-awareness, “own your projections”, breathwork, mind/body control etc.)
  • Women wanting to explore and embody empowered, conscious femininity and sexual capacity.
  • Women desiring to lead their life from their feminine essence, and be part of the new era of feminine leadership (something that’s highly needed in the world right now).
  • Dearmouring practitioners, therapists, coaches, facilitators who want to upgrade their tool box and skills.
  • High-achieving women who want to be in more contact with their femininity, learn to lead in the feminine way, and get in contact with their body’s pleasure potential.

Who is it not for?

  • Beginners who are primarily seeking trauma therapy/healing.
  • Beginners in personal development, and have never done any type of healing (meaning that you’re not aware of your wounds, and the projections they might cause).
  • Women who are more committed to their fears than their greatness.
  • Women who do not want to invest in their personal and professional development.
  • Women who do not wish to offer their soul’s unique gifts, services and talents to the world.


  • Full-body dearmouring
  • The top keys to female sexuality
  • How to open the body to pleasure and power
  • Shift from small minded (surviving) to expanding (thriving) mindset
  • Feminine embodiment practices 
  • Vision and manifestation exercises
  • Cutting edge tools to elevate in communication, business, love and life

… And much more!

This is what you get!

  • 7 days of teaching, theory, and practical embodiment activities
  • Accommodation in SINGLE room (high-quality beds) at the stunning and luxurious Schenströmska Mansion in Västerås, Sweden
  • 1 x Q&A group call (before training)
  • 1 x Q&A group call (after training)
  • Manual (including instructions and embodiment practices)
  • Healthy vegan food
  • Outdoor hot tubs and sauna
  • Certification of attendance

In addition, you’ll be in a community of like-minded driven, ambitious, conscious, and visionary women with whom you’ll build meaningful networks and friendships.

Client Testimonials

Embody your feminine wisdom

Beautiful woman, the time is now, and I mean it!

Never has it been a more potent time for us women to rise into healthy power through our feminine magnetism, pleasure, and intuition.

We are formed to live in a society based on masculine principles. This devastates the feminine essence in relationships, sexuality, and business.

This retreat is a reset of your femininity. It is for integrated, intelligent women who want to claim their full potential, own their sexual power, and live true to their dreams – while being a part of the modern world.

I am thrilled to welcome you to this space, where I’ll share the most potent, practical, and cutting-edge tools for your delicious feminine awakening – that you also can pass on to others.

When you awaken “her”, you will also understand how to polarize men in relationships, attract opportunities and live more aligned with your true nature and, therefore, joy!

The first step to elevating your life is taking action

Your Facilitator

Hi, I am Susanna

(Formerly known as Sanna Sanita)

I’m a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a sacred sex teacher obsessed with helping humans embody their full potential.

I’ve been working in personal development, sacred sexuality, and conscious business for the past 20 years. I’m the founder of Dearmouring Arts School, the first school of its kind in Europe, and I have trained 400 therapists in the dearmouring art form.

Many of my clients have been women who are extremely successful in their field of business. Ranging from soulpreneurs, lawyers, high-end consultants, and wonderful empaths. They are slaying in their work, but are immensely tired, and have a nagging feeling that something is missing in their lives.

It’s like they are living their lives inside a box that is too small for them. They dream of something bigger but don’t know where to start and how to build a new life for themselves.

I have noticed that a vast majority of these women are disconnected from the intuitive wisdom of their bodies and their sexuality. This is devastating since women’s true power lies in the innate nature of our beings.

With my vast experience in sacred sexuality, I’m confident that helping women connect with the power of their sexuality is an important missing piece to the puzzle in female empowerment.

By doing that work, women connect to their essence and a fearless and fierce part of themselves that many have neglected due to the “good girl programming” in this world (which has caused many women to be people pleasers instead of standing in their primal power).

Ignite your true feminine power

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Price & Payment


All prices incl. food & single accomodation with or without bath/toilet.

Payment Options


You can pay via: 

  • Credit card
  • Klarna
  • Direct bank transfer (see bank account info below)

You can pay via:

  • Direct bank transfer (see bank account info below)
  • Payment plan (see more info below)
Payment Info


Account Holder: Cotha AB
Bank: Wise
IBAN: BE43 9671 5891 8601

Avenue Louise 54, Room “52
1050 Belgium

Pay the deposit of 500€, then contact the organizer to set-up a suiting payment plan for you.

The payment plan comes with an additional 30€/month admin fee.

Contact the organizer:


Step 1. Place the deposit of 500€ to reserve your spot.

Step 2. Fill out the registration form.

Step 3. Transfer the rest of the balance before Oct 27, 2023.

Terms of Registration
  • Transfer 500€ in deposit (which is binding and non-refundable, and secures your spot).
  • The full amount should be transferred to the bank account by October 27, 2023 (the latest).
  • For payment plan, pay deposit and then contact the organizer directly: 
  • The payment plan comes with an admin fee of +30€/month.
  • If we believe you’re not a good fit for the training this time (after reviewing your intake form), we will refund you the full amount (inc. the deposit).
  • If you cancel at any time up to 4 weeks before the event start date, the full payment (minus the 500€ non-refundable deposit) will be refunded.
  • If you cancel within 4-2 weeks of the event start date, 50% of the full payment (minus the 500€ non-refundable deposit) will be refunded.
  • If you cancel within 2 weeks of the event start date, or if you withdraw from the event after the start of the first day, no part of the payment will be refunded.
  • If you get sick and can’t attend, but you can show a doctor’s certificate, then you will get your paid amount as a “gift card” that can be used for another training within a year.
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