Purpose, Pleasure & Prosperity

Explore Your True Power, Pleasure & Prosperity

Event Details

Gorgeous woman, this training is a deep dive into your life-purpose, sexuality and different aspects of your femininity. You will explore multiple ways of embodying your feminine power, sexuality, and magnetism. Further, you will learn cutting-edge and science-based methods of profound self-mastery and craft your life-purpose and mission in the world.

This is an imprint for the new era of feminine leadership – where women learn to stand in their true power and contribute to a new paradigm of holistic leadership – all in a luxurious center with healthy and nourishing food!

On top, there are so much work needed within the field of women’s sexuality and you will learn profound methods to support others growth and transformation too.

Upon completion, you will recieve a Women’s Empowerment certification.

Note! This is a training for women only

You will learn how to

  • Activate your female pleasure potential
  • Give and receive yoni healing / dearmouring sessions to women
  • Women´s anatomy of arousal
  • Feminine / masculine polarization and how to gracefully shift between
  • How to increase your feminine magnetism in love and relationship
  • Yin vs Yang sexuality – the key to upgraded love life
  • Yoni Self dermouring & G-spot activation
  • How to stand in your power and give your gift to the world
  • How to to manifest your dreams and desires with life-force energy!

And much more!


  • Female dearmouring: giving and receiving
  • The 7 top keys to female sexuality and how to activate them
  • The power of surrender and the benefits in Life, Love & Business
  • Empowerment and confidence practises
  • Learn the feminine way of arousal
  • Soft Strong, how to softening your edges
  • Learn the feminine way on polarizing men
  • Yoni self-dearmouring
  • Women’s orgasmic potential
  • Powerful tools to reprogram your mind for success in business, love and life


Who is it for?

  • For women desiring to learn, explore and embody empowered, conscious femininity and sexual capacity + profound self mastery tools.

  • For dearmouring practitioners, coaches, facilitator, or high-achieving woman who want to upgrade your tools box, skills and create a more sustainable business practices.

  • For conscious women wanting to start offering private women´s empowerment sessions & workshops and be more in connection with their femininity.

It is not for you who…

  • Are primarily seeking trauma therapy/healing, then welcome to a dearmouring training.

  • Do not wish to offer your unique gifts, services and talents to the world.

  • Are more committed to your fears than your greatness.

  • Do not want to invest in your personal and professional development.

This is what you get!

  • 5 1/2 days of teaching, theory, practice and a lot of fun!
  • Accommodation at the stunning and luxurious Björnbacka Retreat Center – just 40 min outside Stockholm
  • Healthy raw/vegan food
  • Feminine Embodiment Activities
  • Feminine Empowerment & Sexuality Facilitation Certification
  • Follow up Q&A group call
  • NOTE!! Payment in SEK availible – see below!!

In addition, you’ll be in a community of like-minded driven, high-achieving, conscious, visionary women with whom you’ll build meaningful networks and friendships.


1550€ VAT included

Client Success Stories

Elevate in Love, Life and Business

Beautiful woman, the time is now, and I mean it!

Never has it been a more potent time for us women to rise into healthy power through our feminine polarity, pleasure, and intuition.

We are formed to live in a society based on masculine principles. This devastates the feminine essence in relationships, sexuality, and business.

This retreat is a reset of your femininity. It is for integrated, intelligent women who want to claim their full potential, own their sexual power, and live true to their dreams – while being a part of the modern world.

I am thrilled to welcome you to this space, where I’ll share the most potent, practical, and cutting-edge tools for your delicious feminine awakening – that you also can pass on to others.

When you awaken “her”, you will also understand how to polarize men in relationships, attract opportunities and live more aligned with your true nature and, therefore, joy!

Feminine Power, Sexuality and Magnetism

Your Facilitator

Hi, I am Susanna

(Formerly known as Sanna Sanita)

I’m a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a sacred sex teacher obsessed with helping humans embody their full potential.

I’ve been working in personal development, sacred sexuality, and conscious business for the past 20 years, and I have met so many inspirational individuals in my work.

Many of these individuals have been women who are extremely successful in their field of business. Ranging from soulpreneurs, lawyers, high-end consultants, and tech start-up founders. They are slaying in their work, but are immensely tired, and have a nagging feeling that something is missing in their lives.

It’s like they are living their lives inside a box that is too small for them. They dream of something bigger but don’t know where to start and how to build a new life for themselves.

I have noticed that a vast majority of these women are disconnected from the intuitive wisdom of their bodies and their sexuality. This is devastating since women’s true power lies in the innate nature of our beings.

With my vast experience in sacred sexuality, I’m confident that helping women connect with the power of their sexuality is an important missing piece to the puzzle in female empowerment.

By doing that work, women connect to their essence and a fearless and fierce part of themselves that many have neglected due to the “good girl programming” in this world. Which has caused many women to be people pleasers instead of standing in their primal power.

Thus, my mission is to help women to embody their feminine power and purpose through sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, and empowerment. I help women to liberate themselves and break through the box and society’s expectations of them, so they can embody their true selves instead of following outdated rules and norms. By doing so, I have helped countless women transform their lives and those of others around them.

My heart-led purpose is to guide women to empowerment and a sense of purpose. I do that through my proven method, “Power, Pleasure, Prosperity”. It helps women identify their purpose and live as an authentic, unapologetic version of themselves while building financial abundance doing what they love.

Price & Payment

Women's Sexuality & Empowerment Training

1550€ included 6% VAT

All prices include teaching fee, accommodation, and yummy vegetarian food. They do not include transport to the venue.

For detailed price description, please read individual retreat announcements.